Technical solutions for accessible sound

In addition to building acoustics and electro-acoustic public address systems (DIN 18041), the following systems can be used for a significantly higher proportion of direct sound:

In order to ensure that the listening systems provided are effective, it is important to compare the requirements of the venue and its architectural features with the properties of the transmission systems early in the decision-making process.

The main advantage of all these systems is that the sound is delivered to the listeners in a pure, undistorted form that is not influenced by the distance of the listeners to the sound source or by any annoying background noise in the room.

HUMANTECHNIK provides a comprehensive range of assistive listening services.

The HUMANTECHNIK program is structured in a cross-system manner and includes components and the complete range of accessories for transmission systems using all three of the physical principles mentioned here. This website presents the corresponding technical components, is listing their essential technical data and providing support for the selection. In addition, it is recommended to contact the qualified AUDIOropa consulting and support service for professional installation projects.

Special skills or knowledge are often required in the planning, project development and installation of sound transmission systems. That’s why we offer system operators and architects a comprehensive consulting and services package in this field. From qualified information to competent support in the planning process and right on up to the installation and first-time operation of the system, we will accompany you every step of the way with our consulting services to ensure the effective implementation of your professional audio transmission system.