»xepton-NX« – the UHF-System

With a wide range of hardware combination options, »xepton-NX« offers a configuration-flexible system for a wide range of applications. From unidirectional tour guide systems and interpreter applications to professional dialogue and intercom configurations, the system proves to be a convenient solution - both for portable use and when using stationary components.

The large audio frequency range that »xepton-NX« opens up is a feature of quality. This results in a highly differentiated, sonorous and »lively« speech transmission.

The system consists of a pocket transmitter, two receiver types – pocket receiver and stethoset receiver – and a transceiver for mobile dialogue applications. A stationary transmitter is also available.

Light in weight and compact in design, the transmitters and receivers, including a stethoset receiver, are comfortable to wear. 

The menu of the components, which can be accessed via the display, is navigated via three keys and is so conveniently structured that literally anyone can operate it. 

Both types of application – unidirectional and bidirectional – allow parallel communication in several groups, for example simultaneous moderation in different languages or simultaneous tours of several groups in close proximity. 

Encryption for more security in communication

If you wish to add components to an existing encrypted »xepton-NX« system group - as recommended in security-sensitive and/or confidential environments, for example - a special app for configuring the encryption is available.

The system

»xepton-NX« - moderation and communication system for clear, lively voice transmission

  • Clear speech intelligibility, even within enormous environmental noise
  • Discreet moderation in places that do not permit noisy guided tours
  • One-way or two-way operation offers flexibility in a variety of applications
  • Two different receiver types, pocket receivers and stethoset receivers
  • Stable audio connection
  • Interference-free radio transmission with crystal-clear sound 
  • Up to 80 m range indoors or outdoors
  • Easy to use
  • Status indicators via LCD display
  • Up to 10 hours transmission time and 15 hours reception time per battery charge
  • Connection possibility for different hearing components such as headset, headphones, earphones or neckloops for inductive audio transmission to corresponding hearing components

»xepton-NX« - the state-of-the-art in mobile audio transmission technology

Basic components of the wireless moderation and communication system »xepton-NX« are pocket receiver and -transmitter, a transceiver for dialogue applications as well as a stationary transmitter for moderation, interpreter services or other applications in auditoriums.

Part of the scope of delivery of the mobile components (fig. left) is - with the exception of the stethoset receiver - also a belt clip for attachment to clothing. Corresponding connection sockets on the TX and TRX mobile voice transmitters allow connection to standard headsets or microphones and headphones. The RX receiver has standard connection sockets for hearing components such as headphones or earphones. 

Integration of deaf people with CI-supply or of hearing aid users 

Connecting a neckloop to the RX receiver opens the system for the option of »inductive listening«. The neckloop generates inductive audio signals and transmits them wirelessly to personal audiological hearing systems such as conventional hearing aids or cochlear implant systems (CI) with integrated T-coil. This way, wearers of CIs or people with hearing aids can also be included into hearing the presentations. 

The stethoset receiver

An exception in the receiver design is the RX-U stethoset receiver. This has been designed as a closed compact receiver with integrated loudspeaker earbuds and is not encryptable.

Portable communication system, configurable for individual tasks

  • Large transmission range
  • Highly differentiated, sonorous and "lively" speech transmission
  • Easy to use
  • Belt clip for pocket transmitter and receiver for attachment to clothing