Mobile communication at the highest level: tour guidance, team communication, information

The AUDIOropa portfolio of wireless transmission systems concentrates on professional portable applications for business, leisure, sports and education. These include guided tours for visitors, multilingual simultaneous interpreting and team communication.

The portfolio comprises two systems:

1. »xepton«

»xepton«, the highly versatile, portable 2.4 GHz tour guide and communication system, is designed precisely for its core applications and is therefore surprisingly affordable. »xepton« is childs-play to operate and in its heavy-duty design it is also suitable for use in harsh environments - a professional system that goes through thick and thin with its users.

Consistently following AUDIOropa's guiding principle,»xepton« also includes hearing impaired people, hearing aid users and wearers of cochlear implants into the hardware concept: The receivers can be equipped with neckloops for direct inductive transmission to the hearing aid. Audio amplifying receivers with audio output jacks are also available, to which earphones or headphones can be connected.