»PRO IR-400« – high-performance infrared transmitter: Two-channel transmitter for the supply of large rooms and halls

The two-channel infrared transmitter PRO IR-400 combines the modulator and transmitter in one single unit. This design saves costs and can be mounted in a space-saving manner.

The infrared light exists in a wide angle, which spreads efficiently throughout the supplied areas in the club-shape typical for this transmission method.

The steady transmission of the PRO IR-400 is realised at a working bandwidth of 2.3 and 2.8 MHz without the interference of ambient light. In 1-channel mode, the transmitter supplies areas of up to 900 sqm. Adding further PRO IR-400 transmitters into the setup allows the receiving range to be expanded easily. The package includes an attachment set for wall and ceiling mounting. Tripods are also available for free-standing installations.

Ideal for:

  • Cinemas
  • Parallel transfer of two different languages (channel selection)
  • Conference and meeting rooms, multimedia rooms
  • Court rooms and lecture halls
  • Schools, universities
  • Churches

Technical data

Dimensions (WxHxD) 41.2 x 32.7 x 7.5 cm
Weight 1,100 g
Colour Housing Anthracite / front panel: dark red transparent
Power supply adapter Primary 230 V~ 50-60 Hz, secondary 28 V DC
DC-input Low-voltage connector, 28 V DC, middle is »+«-Pol
Power consumption 700 mA
Carrier frequencies 2.3 MHz (left or A-channel) and 2.8 MHz (right or B-channel)
Input impedance Audio-In: 18 kΩ***Mic-In: 1.3 kΩ
Trigger voltage of the Audio-In: 110 mV
Input level display Mic-In: 1.5 mV
Total range at +/- 3 dB Lower limit: 400 mV***Upper limit: 6 V
Audio-Inputs Cinch (RCA) for left and right and/or A and B-channel
Sync-in / Sync-Out Cinch (RCA) for left and right and/or A and B-channel
Microphone input 6.4 mm Stereo-jack plug
Audio display Input level-LEDs, one per channel.
Sender range 30 metre, closed room
Temperature range 0-40 °C
Attachment Wall attachment with conventional hooks,***Tripod attachment via standard screw attachments
Conformities CE, WEEE, RoHS
Compatible receiver RCI-102, IP112
PRO IR-400

A-4026-0, a40260,4026