Loop Amplifier Pro Loop NX15

Loop amplifiers of the Pro Loop NX series are primarily designed for continuous use - as is the case with the Pro Loop NX15 amplifier. The integrated switching power supply and the Class-D amplifier design enable high efficiency and low waste heat and form the basis for high reliability and operational safety.

The function of the induction loop and the amplifier is continuously monitored. Functional errors are signalled via displays on the unit and at the error output.

  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) ensures a consistent level on the listening loop. 
  • Metal Loss Correction (MLC) can be used to correct the frequency response due to metal structures.
  • Link connections allow several amplifiers to be combined into one unit.
  • The output signal can be monitored via a headphone output.
  • A fixable cover prevents the settings from being altered by accident.

Essential features

  • 14 A RMS
  • 34 V RMS
  • 3 mixable inputs
  • 48 V Phantom power
  • 100 V Priority input
  • Link Connections for setting up larger systems
  • Cover plate to protect the settings

Technical details

Power supply: 110 - 265 V AC 50/60 Hz
###Amplifier output  
Loop current: 14 A RMS
Loop voltage: 34 V RMS
Frequency range: 80 - 6000 Hz (± 1,5 dB)
Loop resistance DC: 0,5 - 3,0 Ω
Headphones: 3,5 mm Stereo jack socket
Link connections: 6,3 mm Jack socket, symmetrical
Connection status: 3 pol. Euroblock plug
Connection: NL4 Speaker Twist, assignment 1+ parallel to 2+/1- parallel to 2-
Input 1: 5-100 mV / 2 kΩ / 48 V switchable (MIC)***100 mV - 6 V / 10 kΩ (LINE)***Switchable between mic and line level, combo jack
Input 2: 5-100 mV / 2 kΩ / 48 V switchable (MIC)***100 mV - 6 V / 10 kΩ (LINE)***Mic and line level, switchable, 3-pin Euroblock plug
Input 3: 100 V priority input, 2 pole Euroblock connector
Link in: 6,3 mm Jack socket, symmetrical
###Automatic Gain Control (AGC): voice-optimised  
Dynamic range: >40 dB
###Metal Loss Correction (MLC)  
MLC: 0 - 4 dB/Octave
Type: fanless
###Mechanical specifications  
Dimensions (H x W x D): 43 x 430 x 290 mm, 19“ 1HE
Weight: 3.72 kg
Pro Loop NX15