Loop amplifier Pro Loop NX15 LOS

The Pro Loop NX15 LOS has three mixable inputs. Two inputs process analogue microphone and line levels. For condenser microphones, 48 V phantom power can be switched in. The third input processes 100 V signals with priority over the other inputs.

With the two-channel amplifier, loop output B can be switched between 0° or 90° phase shift.

Like all AUDIOropa loop amplifiers of the NX series, the Pro Loop NX15 LOS is designed for continuous use. The integrated switching power supply and the Class-D amplifier design enables high efficiency with low heat emissions and forms the basis for high reliability and operational safety.

  • The functions of the induction loop and the amplifier are continuously monitored. Indicators on the unit and on the error output indicate functional errors.
  • The Automatic Gain Control (AGC) ensures a constant level on the induction loop.
  • Metal Loss Correction (MLC) can be used to correct the frequency response due to metal structures.
  • Link connections allow several amplifiers to be combined into one unit.
  • The output signal can be monitored via a headphone output.
  • A fixable cover prevents the settings from being altered by accident.

Essential features

  • 2x 14 A RMS
  • 2x 34 V RMS
  • 3 mixable inputs
  • 48 V Phantom power
  • 100 V Priority input
  • 0/90° Phase shift for Loop 
  • output B switchable
  • Link Connections for setting up larger systems
  • Cover plate to protect the settings

Technical details

Power supply: 110 - 265 V AC 50/60 Hz
###Amplifier output  
Loop current: 2x 14 A RMS
Loop voltage: 2x 34 V RMS
Frequency range: 80 - 6000 Hz (± 1,5 dB)
Loop resistance DC: 0,5 - 3,0 Ω
Headphones: 3,5 mm stereo jack socket
Link connections: 6,3 mm jack socket, balanced
Connection status: 3 pol. Euroblock plug
Connection: NL4 Speaker Twist, assignment 1+ parallel to 2+/1- parallel to 2-
Input 1: 5-100 mV / 2 kΩ / 48 V switchable (MIC)***100 mV - 6 V / 10 kΩ (LINE)***Switchable between mic and line level, combo jack
Input 2: 5-100 mV / 2 kΩ / 48 V schaltbar (MIC)***100 mV - 6 V / 10 kΩ (LINE)***Mic and line level, switchable, 3-pin Euroblock plug
Input 3: 100 V priority input, 2 pole Euroblock connector
Link in: 6.3 mm jack socket, symmetrical
###Automatic Gain Control (AGC): voice-optimised  
Dynamic range: >40 dB
###Metal Loss Correction (MLC)  
MLC: 0 - 4 dB/Octave
Type: fanless
###Mechanical specifications  
Dimensions (H x W x D): 43 x 430 x 290 mm, 19“ 1HE
Weight: 3.8 kg
Pro Loop NX15 LOS