Induction loop Amplifier Pro Loop LOSplus

As a ready-to-connect system for supplying large rooms with inductive audio signals.

The powerful amplifier features Automatic Gain Control (AGC), which ensures stable sound with excellent speech reproduction even under difficult acoustic ambient conditions. To perform acoustic quality checks on the loop outputs A and B, the Pro Loop LOSplus has a monitor output for connecting headphones.

  • Homogeneous signal supply of large premises
  • High output current: 2x 12 A RMS
  • No signal fluctuations with head movements of the Hearing aid user
  • Reduced sensitivity to structural steel reinforcements
  • High efficiency, low Power consumption
  • 19" construction

Technical data

Main connection: 230 V AC, 45-60 Hz, 150 Watt
Passive protection: Fuse 1.5 A
###Induction loops output  
Max. current: 2x 12 A RMS
Max. voltage: 2x 31.1 V RMS
Output AGC: Sets the voltage and current for continuous signals such as oscillation and sinus curves to -10 dB after 0.6-1 seconds. Short pulses and normal program signals are not limited.
Frequency range: 100 – 5.000 Hz (±3 dB)
Distortion: < 1 %
Cable connection: 2 screw terminals on the reverse of the device
Slave LINE OUT: 6.3 mm jack plug
Induction loop monitoring: 1 headphone output (left audio channel for induction loop output A and right audio channel for induction loop output B)
IN 1: XLR(F) socket, Microphone input MIC sensitivity 2.5 mV – 10 V RMS
IN 2: XLR(F) socket, can be switched as a microphone or line input
IN 3: 6.3 mm jack plug
$$$100-V priority input for connection to PA systems  
Dynamics: > 36dB
###Control and display  
Loop setting: Rotary knob for channel A and B
Input level: IN 1, IN 2 und IN3 can be set separately
Display: Main connection: 1 green LED***Input level: 6 different coloured LEDs***Current: 6 red LEDs per loop channel
Dimensions: 90 x 430 x 270 mm (H x W x D), 19-inch rack (2 height units)
Attachment: 4 fixing points on the front panel for mounting in 19-inch rack
Colour: black
Weight: 9.3 kg
Pro Loop LOSplus

A-4254-0, a42540, 4254