»LPU-1 DIR«: under-the-chin receiver (stethoset receiver) for inductive audio signals

The LPU-1 takes the signals transmitted by an induction loop system directly to the ears of people who do not wear hearing aids.

The ear buds of the featherweight, ergonomically designed under-the-chin receiver can swivel to stay comfortably fixed in the user’s ears even when he/she moves his or her head. The soft flexible material of the the ear buds also nestles gently into the auditory canal to effectively subdue ambient noise.


Sound frequency transmission range: 70-5400 Hz
Distortion factor: < 1%
Signal-to-noise ratio: Typ. 60 dB
Maximum volume: Approx. 120 dBA
Weight: 55 g


A-4276-0, a42760, 4276