»LA-90«: Portable compact loop system, integrating amplifier and loop in a single device – ideal for places of consultation

»LA-90« is a compact loop system for transmission over short distances, for example at receptions, counters or in sales areas.

Positioned between the speaking person and the listener, the »LA-90« receives the spoken word via a built-in or an optional added connected microphone (e.g. table microphone or EH1205). The inbuilt loop transmits the signals via induction to hearing devices, CI-systems or other induction receivers (e.g. LPU-1). There is also the option of connecting a headset.

The power is supplied by the included rechargeable battery power pack or an external power supply unit.

Technical data

Dimensions (HxWxD): 200x185x70 mm
Weight: 635 g (incl. rechargeable batteries)
Microphone sensitivity: up to 60 dB
Powersupply: Primary 100-240V 50-60 Hz***Secondary 16 V DC or via integrated 12 V 1300 mAH rechargeable battery
Output power: max. 10 W
Portable inductive loop LA-90
Inductive loop system for counters LA-90 Set

A-4209-0, a42090, 4209, A-4211-0, a42110, 4211