The AUDIOropa portfolio: Audio transmission systems for acoustic accessibility, inclusion and clear understanding in all situations

The AUDIOropa portfolio primarily comprises audiologic systems for the supply of public areas with audio signals, or for professional portable applications. Therefore the AUDIOropa brand stands predominantly for acoustic accessibility and inclusion of the hearing-impaired.

Beyond signals as elementary as alarms and emergency calls, the program offers the hearing-impaired and the deaf access to spoken contributions in public areas, such as theaters, churches, courtrooms, and conferences and meeting rooms. The audio signals from hearing loop systems, infrared and radio transmission systems can be received with classic hearing devices or cochlear implant systems that are equipped with a T-coil, and with special hearing components from the AUDIOropa portfolio.

With the portable 2.4 GHz »xepton« tour guide and communication system, AUDIOropa provides the benefits of audiologic technology – crystal-clear speech reproduction, even during visits in acoustically difficult situations: significantly better understanding for the hard of hearing and those with normal hearing alike.