Welcome to our booth: infocomm · Las Vegas, 06 – 08 Jun. 2018 · Stand C1111 +++ NEW: »xepton« – The new generation of 2.4 GHz tourguide systems, including two-way communication technology +++ NEW: »LA-70«: Digital loop amplifier, small and compact, for information counters, cash desks or rooms up to 40 m² with inductive audio signals

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»xepton« - The new generation of 2.4 GHz tourguide systems including two-way communication technology

Our tour guides bring information effortlessly and in a fully relaxed manner into their listener’s ears in any situation.

»xepton« concentrates on essential features and can be easily used by everybody including people with impaired hearing. It offers highest quality audio at a surprisingly affordable price! [more information]

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Main features:

  • Interference-free wireless transmission with crystal-clear sound via the 2.4 GHz band 
  • Use indoors or out - completely portable with a range up to 150 m
  • Easy to use: anyone can operate it
  • One- or two-way operation offering versatility for a large array of applications (guided tours indoors and outdoors, simultaneous interpretation, lectures, conferences, …)  
  • Convenient to use, with outstanding speech comprehension – even in harsh or noisy environments
  • Status control via LCD display 
  • Up to 20 hours of service per battery charge
  • Versatile connection of audio components such as headphones, earphones, inductive neck loops…
  • Stethoset receiver, a unique device unifying both the receiver and headphones and delivering many advantages 
  • The system offers a personal and discreet listening experience to anyone with telecoil technology in their hearing aid or cochlear implants - without needing additional equipment
  • A wide range of accessories (charger case, stationary transmitter etc.) available for the system to suit each application