New! RF transmission systems

»xepton-NX«: live communication for tour guide, intercom, interpreter applications and more.

A versatile system for a wide range of applications: tour guiding, interpreter applications, professional dialogue and intercom configurations. Outstanding quality feature: a large transmission range as well as a highly differentiated, well-sounding and lifelike audio transmission [more information]

New! Induction loop systems

The new digital ring loop amplifiers for the supply of room sizes up to over 3.000 m²

Normal or low overspill: Small compact design little space required in the rack easy to use high energy efficiency Low intrinsic temperature during operation [more information] [PDF-brochure »Loop systems«]

New! Infrared transmission systems

High-power infrared transmitter »PRO IR-400«: Two-channel transmitter for large rooms and halls up to 2.600 m²

Modulator and transmitter as a unit cost- and space-saving in use cover up to 2.600 m² in 1-channel mode scalable for greater range [more information] [PDF-brochure »Infrared transmission systems«]