NEW: Digital induction loop systems: small, compact, powerful, energy-efficient +++ NEW: »xepton« – 2.4 GHz tour guide and dialog system, easy to use, high quality and cost-effective at the same time +++ »PRO IR-400«: Two-channel transmitter for supplying large rooms and halls with infrared audio signals

New! Induction loop systems

The new digital ring loop amplifiers for the supply of room sizes up to over 3.000 m²

Normal or low overspill: Small compact designlittle space required in the rackeasy to useHigh energy efficiencyLow intrinsic temperature during operation [more informations]

New! RF transmission systems

The new generation: »xepton« – 2.4 GHz tour guide system including two-way communication

The system concentrates on the main features for visitor tours:tough, easy to useinterference-free radio transmissioncrystal clear soundsurprisingly low in price! [more informations]

New! Infrared transmission systems

high-power infrared transmitter »PRO IR-400«: Two-channel transmitter for large rooms and halls up to 2.600 m²

Modulator and transmitter as a unitcost- and space-saving in useCover up to 2.600 m² in 1-channel modeScalable for greater range [more informations]