Wireless UHF401 microphone

The 4-channel UHF401 microphone system is designed for use anywhere where up to four different speakers talk from different locations, in churches, for example.

Four independent handheld transmitter microphones send the voices wirelessly to the stationary receiver, which in turn feeds the signals via cable into further audio systems, such as PA-systems, inductive loop amplifiers or an infrared or radio-frequency transmitters.

Technical data

RF transmitting frequency: 16 frequencies in the range from 823 to 832 MHz
Frequency stability: ±0.005 %, PLL synthesized circuit
Modulation: FM
Range: Up to 100m
Distortion factor: 0,4%
Audio frequency response: 60 to 21.000 Hz, -3dB
Reception type: Dual antenna, PLL
Noise suppression: > 90 dB
Audio output: XLR or 6,3 mm / Composite signal 6.3 mm
Power supply: DC 22V / 1,2A (AC/DC adapter included)
Transmitting power: 10 mW
Power supply: Alkaline / NiMH batteries 2xAA
Operating time: 6 - 8 h
Wireless UHF401 microphone

A-4455-0, a44550, 4455