AUDIOropa – a division of the Humantechnik Group.

Greater independence for people with loss of hearing: In over 30 years, the vision of developing technology to give people enhanced quality of life has given rise to a group of companies which have established themselves on the market with self-awareness, both in Germany and abroad.

A workforce of over 40 people, including some with impaired hearing, are employed in Development and Production, Sales and Administration, committed to developing and providing audiological solutions for the customer. As a training factory, we actively set about creating career opportunities for young people and regularly also provide space on our team for interns.

Flat hierarchies, open doors, as well as continuous dialog and attention to targets characterize the spirit of cooperation at all levels. HUMANTECHNIK actively encourages its employees to develop their training and put forward ideas, as well as their ability to turn visions into reality – identifying with the company and exhibiting enthusiasm, as well as creativity and a feeling for what is achievable.

With exports accounting for over 60 percent and rising sharply, this confirms the high level of acceptance which HUMANTECHNIK enjoys internationally, for example in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, France, the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Norway, Finland, Sweden or Denmark, as well as beyond the EU borders.

High-grade HUMANTECHNIK products can only be sold by qualified, trained advisors. Therefore, in Germany alone we have brought over 3,000 hearing aid/acoustics specialists on board as partners, businesses which offer their customers competent support from selection through to purchase and beyond. We provide these advisors with intensive training, keeping them au fait with the very latest developments.

Welcome to the dialog.