Extensive accessories

The scope of delivery of all »xepton«-units contains everything needed for instant use.

Furthermore, a wide selection of accessories is offered:

Charger case for RX-1U (1)
Charger case DC-40, for up to 40 pcs TX-1 and RX-1 (2)
Stationary transmitter T-1 (3) 
2-bay-charger CS-2, for TX-1 and RX-1 (4) 
Arm band holder AM-01 (5)
One side headset HSB-01 (6)  
Plug-in microphone PM-01 (7)  
Leather carry case CC-01 (8)
One side ear hook EHE-01 (9)
Without illustrations:
RCB-20 20-bay charging bag
CB-20 20-bay charging case
MCB-10 10-bay charging case
DC-20, 20-bay drop-in charging case
LI-ION for TX-1 und RX-1
USB cable UC-01
USB-power supply
Clip-on microphone CM-01
EM-01 ear microphone (included with TX-1)
HM-01 headband microphone
Microphone headset EBB-01
EHR-01 Microphone headset
ER-01 In-ear earphones
comfortable headphones
Belt clip BC-01

A-5255-0, a52550, 5255, A-5254-0, a52540, 5254, A-5230-0, a52300, 5230, A-5257-0, a52570, 5257, A-5292-0, a52920, 5292

A-5270-0, a52700, 5270, A-5263-0, a52360, 5263, A-5290-0, a52900, 5290, A-5281-0, a52810, 5281

A-5250-0, a52500, 5250, A-5251-0, a52510, 5251, A-5252-0, a52520, 5252, A-5253-0, a52530, 5253, A-5260-0, a52600, 5260

A-5261-0, a52610, 5261, A-5262-0, a52620, 5262, A-5264-0, a52640, 5264, A-5265-0, a52650, 5265, A-5266-0, a52660, 5266

A-5271-0, a52710, 5271, A-5272-0, a52720, 5272, A-5280-0, a52800, 5280, A-5282-0, a52820, 5282, A-5291-0, a52910, 5291