Order No.: A-4082-0

PRO IR-202 Transmission/Modulator unit

The transmission energy of PRO IR-202 Transmission/Modulator unit (Master) spreads club-shaped in the room in a broad aperture angle (see illustration bottom right). The audio transmission is interference-free due to the infrared signal modulation in 2.3 and/or 2.8 MHz. The combination of the PRO IR-202 with another  PRO-IR-202 transmitter, set up as a slave, increases the range and the dispersion angle of the infrared signals up to 240°.

A set for ceiling and wall mounting is included in the delivery. A stand (Art.-No: A-4986-0) is available as an accessory.

PRO IR-202 at a glance

  • Broad exit angle of infrared signals
  • Configuration with 1 and 2 channel transmission
  • Modularity: Up to two PRO IR-202 transmitters can be combined into a Master/Slave unit
  • Power supply of Slave unit via connection cable
  • Operation of Master-Slave configuration with a single power supply unit
  • Usable as fixed (wall or ceiling mount) or mobile installation (e.g. stand)


Combining two PRO IR-202 is achieved with the included installation kit. The units mounted on top of each other can be freely turned to the required angles to achieve optimal signal supply in the room. The range of the Master with 2 Slave units is up to 560 m² at one-channel transmission - ideal for large rooms.

With the selection of the suitable receiver type (RCI-102, PR-22+ or IP112) the range can be further influenced, depending on the sensitivity of the receiver diodes.




Power supply

Master: power supply unit input: 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz,
Exit: 48V DC, 0.5A (2.5 mm barrel plug, centre contact »positive«)

Slave: power supply via direct connection cable from Master

Connection cable

Carrier frequency

50 kHz to 8 MHz

Infrared transmission power

0,7 W

Ranges / Supply areas

Transmission/Modulator unit (Master): 1-channel operation 180 m²

Note: The transmitter cannot be used without the transmission/modulator unit.

One transmission/modulator unit (Master) + one transmitter (Slave): 1-channel operation 370 m²


As Master

Line-input: Cinch channel 1 and channel 2
Microphone input: 3.5 mm jack plug, sensitivity adjustable via control dial

As Slave

6,3 mm stereo jack



6,3 mm stereo jack and DC power out

Function display


Power supply/equipment status (green LED)
Transmitting/cable status (yellow LED)
The LED displays can be switched off with slide switch.

Mechanical data

Ambient conditions

0 – +50 °C ambient temperature (non-condensing, non-corrosive environment)

Mounting types

Wall or ceiling mount: installation kit BKT 024 microphone stand


254 x 79 x 64 mm (B x D x H) incl. front panel


black with white lettering, red acrylic stripe. White front panel also included


300 g