Accessible sound: Greater independence in public life for people with hearing disabilities.

The percentage of people with impaired hearing is on the increase.

The demographic shift in age has had a decided impact on this development. Hearing loss – even if only slight – can now be detected in every fourth 50- to 59-year-old. Among people over 70, the number who are hard of hearing is already considerably higher at more than fifty percent – with significantly greater hearing loss. The percentage of people in these age groups is also expected to increase in the future.

Right to participation in cultural life

This so-called »50plus Generation« is very active in shaping public life. They represent a group with considerable purchasing power, take advantage of a comprehensive range of cultural offers and use all contemporary media. And they also demand – quite justifiably – unlimited access to information and communication – which constitutes acoustically accessible infrastructures in the broadest sense.

Products for acoustic Accessibility (PDF-Download):

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